The gallery is pleased to present after Ego, Fidel Sclavo's first solo exhibition in New York.

“A list of things
Random lists of many things
Fragments of different sources
Ruins of something that are not here anymore, and look the same
A sort of archaeology of what once was
The memorabilia of the day after
All the diverse things and moments which make and define ourselves, and now are lost, like forgotten parts of a broken machine
From a piece of chalk, a cotton ball, a glass of milk, to a subway ticket, a cavity, a Saturday afternoon, a photograph of a fountain
in small and unrecognizable pieces
The remains of our personality, our society, our inner and outer worlds
After the storm
After ambition and disaster
After the promise became another one
An alter ego
After ego.”
(Fidel Sclavo, 2008)

Fidel Sclavo was born in 1960 in Uruguay. He lives and works in Montevideo and Buenos Aires. Selected exhibitions include: Proyecto Shoa, Subte Municipal, Montevideo, Uruguay (2008); Collective Show, Museo Nacional de Artes Visuales, Montevideo, Uruguay (2008); Table Top, Josée Bienvenu Gallery, New York (2006); The Drop, Exit Art Gallery, New York (2006); Mucha gente, Galería Jorge Mara, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2006); Dating Data, Josée Bienvenu Gallery, New York (2005); Museo de América, Madrid, Spain (2004); Casa Elizalde, Barcelona, Spain (2004); Composición de lugar, Centro Cultural de España, Montevideo, Uruguay (2004); Instituto Cervantes, Vienna (2003); La idea del tango, Bankhaus Loebecke, Munich, Germany (2002). Since 1980 he has won several awards in Uruguay, including the Great Prize of Montevideo in Arts, and the National Prize of Fine Arts in Uruguay. He is currently featured in Latin American Graphic Design, published this year by TASCHEN.