Microwave, eight

June 30 – September 3, 2011


Clément Bagot, Steven Bindernagel, Ajit Chauhan, Gustavo Diaz, Curtis Mann,
Justin McAllister, Julianne Swartz, Todd Norsten, William Powhida, Jonathan Rider,
Rebecca Salter, Mathias Schmied, Lauren Seiden, Jill Sylvia, Ana Tiscornia, Daniel Zeller

"No pretext, no effect, no message: microwave identifies an international group of artists who deliberately reduce their movements and expressive media. These artists imperceptibly move their fingertips to create works of precision and minimal displacement in a quasi-monochromatic context: syntheses and syntactics that recall the reductionism of genetic maps or binary codes. But this intimacy doesn’t require mouse or keyboard, it is a dialogue of fingertips: art positively digital. The works stand on the borderline between drawing, knitting and writing. A meticulous discipline of the close-up at the antipodes of the instantaneous and the remote control." (microwave, one, catalogue, 123 Watts, 1999)


Since 1999, the (almost) annual edition of microwave has been an opportunity to confirm the emergence of a new attitude.  Microwave identifies an international host of artists who commit to the obscene activity of paying attention.  With intense focus, patience and precision, the artists in microwave document the relentless propagation of delicacy as a subversive activity. The works in microwave touch upon the fragile nature of communication, exchange, and currency.

The gallery is pleased to present microwave, eight- an exhibition of works by  international artists who set up various processes of fragmentation and erosion of information. Close attention is given to execution, a concentration on the production process itself.