The gallery is pleased to present Occupation., an exhibition of new drawings and paintings by Robert Jack. Born in New Haven, CT in 1971, Robert Jack lives and works in Brooklyn. Occupation is his third one-person exhibition in New York.

A drawing by Robert Jack is a silent process, an osmotic and homeopathic development. Every surface hides a symbiotic network where each element is linked to the next forming a tenuous chain. Most of his drawings replicate the way nature works in its minute mechanisms. They define an implacable system of loose geometry - a series of repetitions with built in mutations.
Behind a superficial diversity, the world repeats itself, duplicates, splits, replicates again... In the intimate space of a sheet of paper Robert Jack accumulates signals, vibrations and variations impossible to detect without an extraordinary level of attention. Every aspect of reality becomes quietly interconnected.
His newest body of work comprises twelve drawings and three small paintings on board. Titled Occupation, the exhibition focuses on the vacant and the unoccupied. Occupation captures the moment right before information is transmitted, the very moment when all senses make room in order to receive the next bit of data. These negligible silences are usually not even registered by consciousness, Our perception suppresses these blanks to build an apparent continuity, just like the boundaries between frames in a film are imperceptible.
Robert Jack’s work declares war to continuity by detaining the viewer in the instant prior to the influx of new data. His work builds a monochromatic discourse based on a collection of blank spaces, a thesaurus of interludes and transitions. His drawings generate a perception power outage (or preoccupation) that can provoke a genuine vertigo.