Summmer Hang, 2015, exhibition view. From left: Jonathan Callan, Range, Darío Escobar, Reticula and Yellow Composition No. 03.

Summmer Hang, 2015, exhibition view. From left: Julianne Swartz, Alma's Blanket; Jacob El Hanani, Circle and Line; Linus Bill + Adrien Horni, NY P.2 BL.

Summmer Hang, 2015, exhibition view. From left: Linus Bill + Adrien Horni, NY P.2 BL; Jonathan Callan, Entertaining; Ana Bidart, Disappointment.

Summer Hang

Through August 12, 2015


Ana Bidart     Linus Bill + Adrien Horni     Jonathan Callan     Jacob El Hanani

Dario Escobar     Julianne Swartz


The gallery is pleased to present Summer Hang, featuring works by Ana Bidart, Linus Bill + Adrien Horni, Jonathan Callan, Jacob El Hanani, Dario Escobar and Julianne Swartz.


Ana Bidart explores the possibilities and more so, the impossibilities of drawing. She brings found objects together in space and across time, and her works establish a tangible record of ephemeral relationships encountered. With Disappointment she reconstitutes meaning in the potential interaction between a compass, that does not draw, and a coiled wire, that is precariously suspended.


Swiss artists Linus Bill and Adrien Horni create collages and paintings with powerful aesthetics, bold gestures and brave dimensions. Bill and Horni produce work by assembling smaller collages, which later become part of a larger collage. They only determine a final result after countless trials and manipulations to the images (physically and digitally). With NY P.5 TL, the pair continues their ongoing explorations of process, form, and presentational strategy by combining inkjet printing, silkscreen, painting, drawing, and assemblage.

Jonathan Callan explores the relationship of disembodied knowledge to embodied experience and materiality, working with publications - books, maps, and photographs - as a source material. Entertaining is made up of 72 separate pages from a cookbook, isolating a single dish or ingredient on each page and removing everything else with sandpaper. Together the dishes (though legible as food when close up) appear as strange planets or discs in space. Some of the dishes are isolated and then completely removed, leaving a ghostly blank. Along with all the pieces where a single aspect of a page is highlighted, Entertaining explores the illustrative notion of the self, the removal of context and the substitution of a painterly space. In fact the background can often seem rendered with pastel or even fresco, and Callan likes to think of Entertaining as a composition of drawings.


Jacob El Hanani’s work draws upon the tradition of micrography in Judaism, a technique utilized in decoration and transcribing holy texts. El Hanani creates highly intricate works, like Circle and Line, through the painstaking repetition of minuscule marks repeated thousands of times using ink on paper or canvas. He draws these images without magnification; in order to reduce eyestrain, he rests every ten minutes. The end result is a work of extraordinary detail that appears to be a pattern from a distance, and speaks of the passage of time and the link between the microscopic and the infinite.


Dario Escobar is renowned for his sculptural re-contextualization of everyday objects. His work explores concepts of cultural and historical hybridity ultimately attempting to reexamine Western art history from a Guatemalan perspective.  Reticula, part of Dario Escobar's "ultramoderno" project commenting on the failed utopia of modernism in Central America, 50 pool triangles made in Taiwan becomes a relief, and its composition follows a modern grid. Escobar’s work, characterized by the use of materials charged with historical and symbolic meaning, is articulated in a minimalist language like in Yellow Composition, a linseed oil drawing, and the wall sculpture.


Julianne Swartz's sound works explore the entanglement of subjectivities and sensations through multilayered arrangements. In Alma’s Blanket Israel, sounds are harvested from the everyday: fragments of recordings from people, nature, instruments and environments. Some are intimate, some generic, some identifiable, and some obscure. These sounds, entwined together, weave in and out of aural focus to make a symphonic collage. The dense textile of woven and knotted, colored electrical wires, forms a series of functional circuits that distribute four channels of sound to the numerous speakers interleaved in the weaving.


Born in Montevideo in 1985, Ana Bidart lives and works in Mexico City. Select exhibitions, grants and awards include: The Suspended Line, Josée Bienvenu Gallery, NY (2015); Provisionals, Josée Bienvenu Gallery, New York, NY (2014); Autocorrect, Josée Bienvenu Gallery, NY; SOMA Graduate Exhibition, CCE-MEX Spanish Cultural Center, Mexico; Neo Povera, L&M Arts, Los Angeles, CA (2013); SOMA Open Studio, Mexico, D.F.; National Visual Arts Museum, Paul Cezanne Award, Montevideo, Uruguay (2012); Antonio Gala Foundation, residency program Open Studio, Córdoba, Spain (2011); National Visual Arts Museum, Salón Nacional de Artes Visuales, Montevideo, Uruguay; Harto espacio, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Untitled, Goethe Institut Montevideo, Uruguay, (2009).


Linus Bill (b. 1982) & Adrien Horni (b. 1982) lives and works in Bienne, Switzerland. They have been collaborating since 2011. Selected exhibitions include: Gemälde 2015, Galerie Allen, Paris; Nathalie Karg Gallery, New York (2015); Aeschlimann Corti-Stipendium, Kunsthaus Langenthal, Switzerland (2014); Fundamentals Hardstyle (feat. Lorenzo Senni), Istituto Svizzero, Milano, Italy; Swiss Art Awards, Basel, Switzerland (2013); Painting and Jugs (zusammen mit Aubry/Broquard) Swiss Institute, New York (2012).


Born in Manchester in 1961, he lives and works in London. Born in Manchester, England in 1961, Jonathan Callan graduated from Goldsmiths College and lives and works in London. His works have been exhibited extensively in museums and galleries throughout Europe and the United States. Recent exhibitions include: Islip Art Museum, East Islip, NY; Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven, CT (2014); Josée Bienvenu Gallery, NY (2013); Wesleyan University Museum, Boston, MA; Teylers Museum, Haarlem, Netherlands (2012); John Michael Kohler Arts Center, WI; Royal Society of British Sculpture, London, UK; Kohler Arts Center, Sheboygan, WI (2010); Contemporary Arts Center Cincinnati, OH (2008); Haifa Museum of Art, Israel (2007). His work is included in major museum collections such as: The Museum of Modern Art, New York; The British Museum, London; The Henry Moore Institute, Leeds, UK; Whitworth Gallery, Manchester, UK; The High Museum, Atlanta GA; The Leopold-Hoesch Museum, Duren, Germany; and Princeton University Art Museum, Princeton, NJ.


Jacob El Hanani was born in Casablanca, Morocco, in 1947 and grew up in Israel. He lives and works in New York.  His work has been exhibited extensively in museums and galleries since 1975. Selected exhibitions include: Drawn to Detail, DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park, Lincoln, MA (2008); Transforming Chronologies: An Atlas of Drawings, Part Two, Museum of Modern Art, New York (2006); The Broida Collection, The National Gallery, Washington, D.C. (2006); Word into Art—Artists of the Modern Middle East, The British Museum, London, UK (2006); Building and Breaking the Grid, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York (2005).


Born in Guatemala City in 1971, Dario Escobar lives and works in Guatemala City. Recent exhibitions include: Centro Cultural Sao Paulo, Brazil (2015); Museum of Art, Miami, Florida; Museu de Arte do Rio, Brazil; CFAM, Los Angeles, CA; Pizzuti Collection, Columbus, OH, (2014); Museum of Latin American Art, Long Beach, CA (2013), Museo Jumex, Mexico City, (2013); Museo de arte Contemporáneo de Santiago, Chile (2012); The Museum of Latin American Art, Long Beach, CA (2012); The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, CA (2011); 53rd Venice Biennale, Mundus Novus - Arte contemporaneo de America Latina at the Artiglierie dell'Arsenale (2009); La Colección Jumex, Mexico DF (2009).


Julianne Swartz received her MFA from Bard College in 2002 and currently lives and works in Stone Ridge, NY. Her work has been widely exhibited throughout the United States and Europe. Selected exhibitions include: Indianapolis Museum of Art, IN; De Oude Kerk, Amsterdam (2014), Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, AZ; Cheekwood Botanical Garden & Museum of Art, Nashville, TN (2013); Colby College Art Museum, Waterville, ME (2013-2014); The FLAG Art Foundation, New York; deCordova Museum and Sculpture Park, Lincoln, MA; The Israel Museum, Jerusalem (2012); Public Project, High Line Park, New York; Granoff Center for the Creative Arts, Brown University, Providence, RI; Museum of Contemporary Art, Cleveland, OH (2011); Indianapolis Museum of Art, IN (2008); The Jewish Museum, New York (2008 - 2009); Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, Ridgefield, CT (2008); Liverpool Biennial, Tate Liverpool, UK (2006); New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York (2004); 2004 Biennial, Whitney Museum of American Art, NY; P.S. 1 Contemporary Art Center, Queens, NY (2003).