Jonathan Callan, Range, 2012-2014.

Nell Jungyun, Camille Claudel, Na HyeSeok, Ana Mendieta, 2022.

Left: Jackson Denahy, Carl, 2022. Right: Sean Micka, Niphetos, Darwin Tulipa, Division 5, Late Spring (TCDFPHG 1969, LCCC # 76-75086), 2022.

Ana Tiscornia, How Things Stand II, 2022.

Inna Smolina, March 14th, 2020, around 4 pm On the way from the pharmacy, 2022.

Inna Smolina, May 6th, 2020 My sensor kept screaming “low” at night. It was lying; I didn’t feel anything, nothing at all. But I always feel it, I always do. The tremor, the hunger, the numbing, the headache, the sweat, the confusion... I checked it several times. It didn't lie. I stopped feeling low., 2022.

Peter Kim, Untitled, 2007.

Peter Kim, Untitled, 2007.

Peter Kim, Untitled, 2007.

Left and middle: Sébastien León, Laisse Tomber, 2010. La Chute de l’Empire, 2010. Right: Charles Hascoët, (Open), 2022.

Jean Pierre Raynaud, NO LIMIT/ SPACE POT (White), 2008.

Liliana Porter, Tennis Player, 2022.

Yuko Nishikawa, Paper Mobile No. 103, 2022.

Charles Hascoët, (Open), 2022.

Julianne Swartz, Void Fragment (long pouch), 2022.

Julianne Swartz, Void Fragment (two points), 2022.

Martí Cormand, Foreshadows, 2022.

Keiko Narahashi, Yurei (head with black hair), 2021.

Stefana McClure, El Circo: comic strips by Karla Barros and Luis Castillo, 2022.

Keiko Narahashi, Mourners (red thread), 2022.

Glenda León, Objeto mágico encontrado n.2 (Havana), 2003

Left to right: Artur Lescher, Untitled #7, from "Metamericos" series, 2010. Untitled #8, from "Metamericos" series, 2008.

Left to right: Sean Micka, May Blossom, Bijbloemen Tulipa, Division 13, Late Spring (TCDFPHG 1969, LCCC # 76-75086), 2022. Artur Lescher, Roda Quadrado, 2006.

The Way Things Go

Jonathan Callan, Martí Cormand, Jackson Denahy, Charles Hascoët, Nell Jungyun, Peter Kim, Glenda León, Sébastien Léon, Artur Lescher, Stefana McClure, Sean Micka, Keiko Narahashi, Yuko Nishikawa, Liliana Porter, Jean Pierre Raynaud, Inna Smolina, Julianne Swartz, Ana Tiscornia

December 23, 2022 – January 14, 2023

Bienvenu Steinberg & J is pleased to present The Way Things Go. The exhibition, bringing together 18 international artists, will be on view through January 14, 2023. Named after the iconic 1997 film by Peter Fischli and David Weiss, the show invokes the spirit of the original line-up of buckets, tires, ladders, candles, barrels and other things set off into a seemingly endless cycle. No pyrotechnics, electricity nor chemical reactions involved in the exhibition. Besides a low-tech wooden wheel by Artur Lescher and three neon sculptures by Nell Jungyun, most works in the exhibition remain still and silent. 


A series of chain reactions is nevertheless mentally ignited: from Jean Pierre Raynaud’s flower pot launched in outer space to Liliana’s Porter’s minuscule Tennis Player, throwing Charles Hascoet’s (Open) balls into the air, going into Julianne’s Swartz Void Fragments nets, …bouncing back to Yuko Nishikawa’s ethereal mobiles, …landing onto Marti Cormand’s fork shadows and Keiko Narahashi’s ghostly ceramic heads, the eye jumps to Stefana McClure’s protest stones wrapped in Cuban Revolutionary comics. 


The circumvoluted contraptions in Sebastien Leon’s Psychodrawings echo the feeling one gets from looking at Ana’s Tiscornia’s chair sinking into the floor or finding Glenda Leon’s Objeto Mágico Encontrado. Range, a mountain of books covered in snow by Jonathan Callan is red lit by the neon signatures of Camille Claudel, Na Hyseok and Ana Mendieta. Sean Micka’s delicate tulip is going through a paint storm while a lone character seeks for escape in Jackson Denahy’s painting. Inna Smolina’s discarded juice boxes neighbor Peter Kim’s abandoned vessels.

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